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Edit. Share. Made Simple. Instacard V3.1

November 28, 2023
We've upgraded Instacard to make your digital business card experience smoother and more intuitive.

Revamped Account Popup

Your new account page is here to simplify things! Now, you can easily view subscription details and billing information in one place. Want to freshen up your profile? Just tap your "profile image" to jump straight to the image editor in the Dashboard. And for updating your information, 'Edit Instacard' is your direct link to all your details. Experience effortless management, all in one spot.

Instacard drop down menu

Enhanced Share Popup

Sharing made simple! With our new dropdown menu, effortlessly choose and share specific pages like 'Review Me', 'My Reviews', or any of your custom pages and social media links.

Redesigned Subscription Page

Navigate through a sleek, new dashboard design, offering a clearer view of your current plan and billing details.